11 Proven Strategies to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Discover 11 proven strategies to get clients for your digital marketing agency fast! Learn how cold emails, B2C segmentation, social media, website extraction & lead databases & tools can help.

11 Proven Strategies to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Partnering with other businesses, even with the competition, is one of the best ways to get marketing clients fast. Creating campaigns is not enough; you should create a product that will help you stand out from the competition. Don't wait for referrals; actively ask for them. Don't turn your back on lost customers; revive PR to build inbound links and brand awareness.

Cold emails can be a great way to get customers for digital marketing. But the way you write those emails plays an important role. B2C segmentation can go a little deeper; you can quickly create a list of leads by extracting data manually or automatically with lead generation tools. You can also use social media to reach people and access precise and detailed segmentation.

Website extraction and lead databases are also great methods to find highly targeted rich leads and start personalized email campaigns. For SMEs, we recommend following the first three methods we have described, as well as inbound marketing. Prospects should be rated according to their needs. For example, if you're targeting B2B leads, you should first contact companies with larger budgets.

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) can be your best friend while you wait for your SEO efforts to get results. LinkedIn is the undisputed ruler when it comes to connecting with other companies on social media. With nearly 740 million individual members and more than 55 million business accounts, it's a great place to find potential customers. You can establish your expertise by offering educational content and articles on intellectual leadership, as well as connecting and starting conversations with potential customers.

Facebook may not have LinkedIn's professional approach, but with 2.7 billion users, it's still the world's largest social media platform. And among those billions of users there are a lot of potential customers for your digital marketing agency. You can use Facebook Ads to reach your preferred audience by segmenting people by position, industry, role, location and more. YouTube is also a great place to learn how to do something new and advertise directly to decision makers in the niche you choose.

Quora is where people go to get answers to their questions; if you can establish your agency as a source of authority in digital marketing, it could also be the place where you attract new customers. In an ideal world, your customers would come to you instead of you having to go to them; focusing on an inbound marketing strategy can help you achieve that. While there are many agencies looking for cold work, most of them are doing it wrong; if you can do it right, you'll make your digital marketing agency stand out. Like guest blogs, speaking at conferences can help you establish yourself as a voice of authority within your field. Now that we've seen 11 ways you can attract more customers to your digital marketing agency, let's see how you can track your growth month by month.

That means there will be no more PDFs to organize, and no more third-party report dashboards that require user role management. I would advise against contacting people you haven't spoken to in years; if you're a graphic designer or web designer, offer something that they can download for free and that gives them value first. Make sure the content is valuable and shows that you know what you're talking about; use your ship to your advantage. Beating the magic number of 500+ connections as well and having some recommendations on your profile won't hurt either; if someone views a profile and you have 13 connections, that could be a red flag that you are not good with communication or that you have previous clients as connections.

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