Is Working in Digital Marketing Stressful?

Marketing operations can be a source of stress and burnout for many people. A Workfront study found that 80 percent of salespeople feel “overworked and understaffed” and 25 percent say they're “very stressed” due to poor work processes.

Is Working in Digital Marketing Stressful?

Marketing operations can be a source of stress and burnout for many people. A Workfront study found that 80 percent of salespeople feel “overworked and understaffed,” 25 percent say they're “very stressed,” and 50 percent have worries about juggling work to get it done in a 40-hour week. One of the main causes of this stress is poor work processes that impede results. For example, 36 percent of marketers report that delayed approvals cause them to finish work late twice a week or more.

Moreover, consistently demonstrating your value to those who don't understand what you're doing can also be a source of stress for marketers. Working in digital marketing can be incredibly stressful, so it's important to identify the causes and address them head-on. To be successful in this field, you need more than just hard work; you need a passion for the advertising world and an extensive knowledge of technological advances and processes that create successful campaigns for customers. However, this requires the ability to handle a large amount of stress or to control your actions in a way that thwarts stress.

For example, you may be concerned about how Google Analytics statistics are being profiled or frustrated with Facebook for limiting the reach of your organic page. According to the Workfront study, one in four marketers said they experience high stress on a daily basis. Additionally, marketing companies that reported being overworked also claimed not to have enough staff, leading to missed deadlines, lack of direction, and increased stress throughout the office. Anita is a long-time marketer of tech startups and has had the great fortune of driving marketing programs through the early stages of a startup to IPO and acquisition.

She has noticed that it's very different from the much more popular aspects of marketing, such as SEO, content creation, campaigns, product development, and analytics. Within marketing teams, there are some departments that feel the pressure more than others, according to the latest surveys. More than half of all marketers have reported feeling unhappy when they need to prove their worth to those who don't understand exactly what they're doing. Yes, it's important to stay up-to-date with all the changes happening in digital marketing, but it's also important to focus on perfecting your niche.

After reviewing the survey statistics mentioned above, it's clear that marketing can be a stressful job. The most important thing MOPS does (after making sure trains run on time) is to ensure that marketing activities and interactions are attributable to revenue. It has become difficult to balance personal and professional lives due to work calls directly on phones. As others have pointed out, it's often strongly associated with the marketing automation tool, especially if you're new to the role.

There has always been a heated debate about marketing jobs, as there are always questions such as whether marketing is a stressful career or if marketing jobs are stressful. To create successful advertising campaigns, marketers require extensive knowledge and technological advancements. Spending quality time with family and friends is very useful for coping with work stress in a marketing job.

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